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  • Carabiner
  • Power cord
  • Leading Edge IV tubing set

Conntrol-V 1135i

IV Pump

Does more. Costs less.

Introducing the NEW Conntrol-V 1135i Veterinary IV Pump from Leading Edge, the next generation of the 1035i

Everything you loved about the 1035i and NOW with these added features:

  • Brighter, larger digit color display, readable from 8' away
  • Superior, more intuitive operator interface making programming simpler, easier and faster  
  • Adjustable and programmable:
    • Air-in-line sensitivity 
    • Upstream and Downstream occlusion sensitivity
    • KVO rates
    • Bolus volumes
  • Micro Infusion capability**
    • Flow rate: 0.1-1200ml/hr

The Conntrol-V 1135i Veterinary IV Pump has advanced technologies unavailable with the Heska Vet/IV 2.2 or the VetPro Color Vision

  • Upstream and Downstream occlusion sensors - Quicker detection. Safer infusions
  • Automatic Restart after occlusion clearance - Technician convenience and time savings
  • Occlusion pressure indicator - Advance warning for upstream or downstream occlusions
  • Alarm LED plus audible and voice alarms - Safer infusions. More convenient for technician
  • User alert when infusion is nearly completed - Convenience and time efficiency

General specifications

  • Hybrid. Pre-calibrated to Abbott, Baxter and Leading Edge IV tubing
  • Calibrate to ANY IV tubing (macro or micro) for only $95/line
    • Note: Leading Edge will not calibrate the 1135i to Millpledge IV tubing because of proven inaccurate fluid administration and potential damage to the 1135i)
  • Piggyback function
  • Accuracy +/-5%
  • Twin CPU's make the infusion process safer and more reliable
  • Memory Function remembers parameters from previous infusions
  • Includes a hook to hang from a treatment cage and an IV pole clamp
  • Approved for the safe delivery of TPN solutions, blood and blood products**
  • Service and support in the USA

Get even better performance with Leading Edge IV Tubing

  • Optimized for the 1135i
  • Extends the operational life-span of the pump 
  • More precise and accurate fluid delivery than even authentic Abbott or authentic Baxter IV tubing
  • Save money! Pay for your new 1135i with Leading Edge IV Tubing savings
    • Only $3.00/set. How much are you paying for your current sets?

Delivering more flexibility than Heska's Vet/IV 2.2 or the VetPro Color Vision, and STILL at a lower price!

The “historical” leaders, Heska's Vet/IV 2.2 or the VetPro Color Vision are truly historical. They can be calibrated to only one type of tubing at a time, forcing you to use only one brand of tubing. The NEW 1135i delivers fluids accurately (+/-5%) with authentic Abbott or authentic Baxter IV tubing and Leading Edge IV tubing. YOU choose the brand of IV tubing without compromising the accuracy of fluid administration and intended therapeutic result. Select Abbott, Baxter or Leading Edge tubing on the fly, by simply pressing a button.

Competitive pumps will “work” with many tubing sets, however, what your pharmaceutical rep doesn’t know or won’t tell you, is that if your pump isn't designed or calibrated to use their “bargain brand” of IV tubing, your pump will deliver fluids with as much as a +/-30% variance, defeating the intended therapeutic result for YOUR patient! And the “bargain tubing” could cause damage to your pumps.

Warranty: 12 Months

Price: Call


** Premium feature. Call for details.


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