Conntrol-V 935i IV Pump approved for delivery of blood and blood products

Leading Edge announces the safe delivery of TPN solutions, blood and blood products in veterinary patients using the new Conntrol-V 935i veterinary IV Infusion Pump.

Peristaltic type infusion pumps may be used safely for blood and blood products; however some fluid pumps may damage the red blood cells during the process. Due to the unique pump head assembly of the Conntrol-V 935i IV pump, hemolysis is reduced significantly.

The Conntrol-V 935i Infusion pump is able to deliver fluids with a +/- 5% accuracy rate using any pre-calibrated IV tubing set with an outside diameter of 4 mm or less. Leading Edge ships the 935i IV pump directly to the veterinary clinic’s door already pre-calibrated to both Abbott/Hospira and Baxter IV tubing sets. The 935i IV pump recognizes which IV tubing set is being used with a simple flip of a switch by the clinician. The 935i IV pump can also be pre-calibrated at anytime to accommodate up to four additional IV tubing sets.

Advanced “open” technology makes the Conntrol-V 935i IV pump intelligent. With a longer warranty (18 months) and the ability to choose up to six different IV tubing set calibrations with the flip of a switch, the Conntrol-V 935i IV Pump provides the best value of any veterinary IV Pump in its class.

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